Meet Thee Moody Foody

Fabrizio Villalpando

I’m an artist, video creator & home cook with a burning curiosity for finding ways to slap together restaurant quality dishes while wearing sweats in the comfort of my home.

I cook whatever I’m in the mood for and I focus on balancing my affinity for elegance with a touch of silliness. Since birth I’ve had a passion for the arts. I spent my formative years dedicating every waking moment to anything creative. This led to an undeniable love for working with my hands and a concerning cumulative GPA which struck fear in the hearts of friends, family members and the entirety of my school's faculty. I ditched college applications, art school scholarships and decided that Los Angeles would be where I’d prove them all wrong. I packed a van with my short stories, paintings and I drove off to pursue my passion. I had no intentions of looking back. I was on my way to make history. I have yet to make history BUT I can make a mean batch of Carnitas.

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